Wednesday, April 6, 2011
Or is modern America so intellectually bankrupt that anyone pursuing any cultural enrichment of any kind makes him seem intellectual?

- James Franco (as his evil twin Frank Jameso) on the reason people call him a Renaissance Man (on Stephen Colbert)

I have no real feelings about Franco as artist (actor, writer, painter, film maker, installation performance blah blah). Heck, he’s a confession: while I enjoyed Freaks & Geeks I did not love it. But I do respect what he is doing with his life right now. He has time, energy and money. He is following evereything that interests him and really doesn’t seem to care what folks think. No where have I seen him say that he is doing great things that have never been seen. He’s figuring it out. Or he’s just having fun. But he is not a PR hound. He just sort puts stuff out there. And of all the things he could do with his money and time, these seem like fairly good choices.


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